The Art of Food — in Cambodia!

Welcome! Or, Soum Svakhom!

Welcome to this food blog adventure based in Cambodia!

My name is Art Moon, world-traveler,  adventurous feaster, and studious observer of Cambodia and most of Southeast Asia.

I’ve learned Khmer, studied with the erudite southern Indians at L’Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient Centre d’Indologie, and inhaled the rarefied air of Everest Base Camp at the Himalayan Mountains, the source of the mighty Mekong that runs past Phnom Penh.

In this beautiful, exotic land of jungles, rivers, lakes, mountains, and oceans we call Cambodia, all my culinary recommendations will be tasteful, informative, and hopefully insightful and helpful in this new and changing city in 2018.

“Safe food is blessed food.”

Satisfaction Reaction

In lovely Spain, home of the siesta and four hour summer lunches, they have a saying: ‘Sobre mesa,’ describing that relaxed and enlivening conversation held ‘over the table’ after a fulfilling meal.

That feeling includes that post-prandial warmth of complete, gustatory satisfaction that engulfs the senses, allowing a blissful Buddhist smile to spread across anyone’s face after a gratifying meal. Especially after a bad day in Cambodia. Haha.

More later on the curious expatriate hunger condition that only a dish from home can cure.

Caveats are included in my reviews for safety’s sake for newcomers in this tropical paradise we live in. Safe food, hygienically prepared, is blessed food.

Dining Reviews for Phnom Penh

Don’t you agree that Cambodia in 2018 desperately needs an updated, accurate,  and fun guide for foodies, restaurateurs, and newcomers to the big city of Phnom Penh?

New places are opening weekly! Which one to go to now? Which one to return to for novel attractions?

New Venue? Message Me!

If you like a new place, or are opening a place and would like me to visit and review, just contact me any which way but loose:

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